Understanding Your Value

Dec 21, 2022 | Motivation

In the service industry, people will not always see your value.

We all take pride in what we do, or we should anyway. We have ideas of what we would like to profit from whatever job it is because we know what it takes to do that job or what it took to invest to get there.

People don’t always see that. They don’t see the hours you have invested to have the knowledge you have in your field. They don’t see the money you spend to go toward your education, training, or opening that business.

As a business owner, I promise you, I have a better understanding of all areas of the service industry and what they charge for their service. The self-employed don’t get company raises. We don’t get paid holidays or vacation or sick days. We work way more than 8 hours a day and we simply can’t just “put work away.” Ever. It’s just not possible.

When you love what you do, it’s so easy for you to view it as a “hobby” or “past time” because it’s so enjoyable. But if you want a business to grow, to last, you HAVE to run it as a business. This means making tough decisions. It means making a lot of mistakes. It means taking risks and putting yourself and your family on the line. That is not easy. It’s the hardest thing. But it is the most rewarding.

So, never feel bad for charging what you know you are worth. Some people literally can’t afford your service and that’s okay! They will find out ways to be successful, it just may look like extra work on their part to make sure they get the outcome that your service could help them with. We have ALL been there. But, you WILL have people that see your worth and want to invest their time and money with you, and it’s your job to continue to grow and keep investing in yourself even though the difficulty of running the business never really goes away. For their sake and yours!

Value: consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of

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