Start Your Fitness Journey with CrossFit: The Benefits for Beginners

Jan 11, 2023 | Fitness

Not Just for ‘Ripped, Intense Athletes!

Contrary to popular belief, when you walk into a CrossFit gym, you do not always see a bunch of ripped, intense athletes banging weights around or falling out on the floor.

While this might be some case for seasoned CrossFitters, 99% of the people we see come through our doors at Adamas CrossFit do not have any background in fitness, much less a current workout routine.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit focuses on simple, functional movements that can be modified to allow the client to get a challenging yet doable workout, so they can fill successful and proud about the workout they put in, not just beat up and defeated. Our coaches are excellent at modifying workouts to what the individual can do safely and efficiently.

Most people don’t know what to expect when coming to a CrossFit gym, so they are okay with feeling intimidated and not giving themselves or us a chance.

Or, let’s be honest, our prices are higher than a traditional gym, so they see that and, again, don’t give us a chance. The fact is that what we provide is ENTIRELY different than a traditional gym membership.

Traditional Gyms vs. CrossFit Gyms

When you join a traditional gym, it is entirely up to YOU to devise your schedule, workout, motivation, and consistency. While some people may be successful at this, most aren’t.

The fact is that most traditional gyms make their money off of people NOT showing up. At a CrossFit gym, we are successful when our clients SHOW UP.

We provide SO much more than just space and equipment. While our equipment is kept up exceptionally well, organized, and treated with excellence so that our clients receive the best equipment possible, we do not just provide the place and the means. We provide our clients with a workout every day, so they have to show up when they come.

There is no planning for your workout for that day, the week, the month, or the year. Our workouts are programmed by fitness professionals that have been in the field for years and years. It’s not random; it’s strategic and follows a plan. If you were to go to a regular gym, you would not get anything like this.

Certified CrossFit Trainers

In addition to the equipment in the daily workouts, you are led by a certified trainer in every single class. We ensure our coaches train our clients to move with the proper mechanics first. We don’t push people to do heavy weights until they have the form and mechanics down.
You get one on one coaching in a group class setting. Again, completely different than what you would get in a commercial gym!!

Not only do you get professional coaching, but you also get access to our apps, where you can record your progress and see how far you have come. You get to see the workouts for the week and reserve your class times, which gives you even more accountability when you click that reserve button. You know you have reserved your class, so you better show up! You do not get accountability like that at a commercial gym.

Community at its Core

Community is one of the most valuable things we offer that a commercial gym doesn’t. In our gym, everyone is focused on what they are doing. Nobody is looking around to see what you are doing during the workouts.

Unlike a commercial gym, the environment of our CrossFit gym is different! You are all working together, and you share something special. The value in the community is worth the price alone.

Let’s get you started!

It should be a no-brainer when you figure out the price per class of our memberships and see everything we offer. This is our passion, not just a hobby.

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