Open House at Adamas CrossFit

Jan 2, 2023 | Announcement

New things can be scary.

In today’s society, we don’t do well with the unknown. We like what we know. Questioning how we have always done things can make us feel like a failure for not doing everything “perfectly.”

But life is not a Facebook post. Life is not a highlight reel. It’s not easy.

But nothing worth doing is easy!

If you are ready for a change, you should make plans to come to our Open House on January 12th from 5-7 PM and see how we can help you change for the better!

We aren’t promising easy. We don’t promise a “quick fix.” But we do promise to help you as much as you commit to helping yourself.

Health is much more than working out. But physical activity is a huge part of your overall well-being! Let us take the guesswork out of that part, and see what we are all about!

See the facility, meet our coaches, and watch a class do their thing before you make the commitment in 2023!

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