Newest Program at Adamas – Holistic Health

Nov 15, 2021 | Announcement

Adamas CrossFit is very proud to announce that we have brought on staff a Certified Integrated Health Practioner, Megan Word!

There are no other services offered in this area like that which Megan can bring you that will help you achieve the best health you have ever experienced.

➡️ Struggle with hormonal issues, blood sugar imbalances, tried everything and still can’t lose weight❓❓

➡️ As an IHP, Megan works with individuals to address the root causes and underlying imbalances in the body. From functional lab testing to supplementation, to diet & lifestyle changes, she can work with you to bring your body back to a state of balance.

➡️ Megan will be giving away 4 FREE 15 minute Consultations to the first 4 individuals that sign up! Message us to get signed up for your free consultation TODAY!!!

Ready for a Healthier & Happier You?

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