Discovering Your ‘Why’ for Maximum Motivation and Results

Jan 25, 2023 | Fitness, Motivation

We hear much talk these days about the importance of “finding your why.” Unlike many things that circulate on social media, this is good advice. Anything that has the potential to be long-lasting in your life needs to be backed up by a strong “why.” Fitness is one of those things.

Weight Loss as a ‘Why’ in Fitness: The Importance of Consistency and Time

For most, weight loss is the initial “why” to starting a fitness routine, and losing weight is a great “why” if someone has come up against a diagnosis that would be reversed by losing weight or if someone is mentally not feeling like themselves because they don’t feel comfortable in their skin. Unfortunately, the “why” can also set some up for failure when they don’t see results in the first month. We are conditioned to think that if something doesn’t happen quickly, it’s not working or not worth it. Thank the microwave, Instant Pot, air fryer, special gummy, and miracle drink society for that. People now find more inspiration from someone who has the latest “quick fix” over someone who has consistently put in the training and has limited their options in nutrition over a long period to get the results they want for themselves. Time and effort could be more appealing to most. But, if weight loss is the “why,” it is still a good one IF you are willing to switch your thinking about what consistency and time can provide you.

The Power of ‘Why’: How Playing with Grandkids Can Motivate Your Fitness Journey

For some, being able to play with their kids and grandkids is a “why.” We love this one. They are okay with what the scale says and what size clothes they fit in. They see the big picture and want their bodies to be able to do whatever their minds want to do for the long term. Fitness is the avenue to that goal.

The ‘Why’ of Health and Wholeness: How Weightlifting and High-Intensity Training Can Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

For others, health and wholeness are the “why.” They see the positive health impacts that weightlifting and higher-intensity training can have on their physical bodies, and they want to experience it. They aren’t necessarily worried about performing the best or being the fastest when it comes to working out, but they want to give their best effort so that feeling good becomes a reality.

Unlocking Your Athletic Potential: How Pushing Yourself in Fitness Can Lead to Accomplishing the Impossible

Then others want to see what their bodies are capable of doing. Maybe this wasn’t their initial “why,” but after getting a taste of what it feels like to accomplish something they didn’t think physically possible, they start craving the “more” of fitness and athleticism. They want to push their bodies to go faster, lift heavier, last for increased times, and even “beat” that person next to them who they know has similar goals. Pushing yourself is still a great “why” to fitness. It doesn’t make this person better than the person in class next to them that wants to be able to play with their grandkids; it just makes their goals with the workout different.

Understanding the Different Motivations Behind a Fitness Journey and How to Succeed

These “why’s” and goals make you an athlete at Adamas CrossFit. That is your title. You earn it every day, with every workout. So as you come to class, be encouraging and mindful. Never judge and always support.

We are all on this journey of enjoying the process together. That is our “why.”

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