Lindsay Williamson


Favorite CrossFit Movement
"Cali Bear" & Ring Muscle Ups
Fitness Goals
Maximize my full fitness potential

Get To Know Lindsay Williamson

Born and raised on the Atlantic beaches of South Florida; the Lord has gifted me with healing. From ‘Core to Extremity’ he first healed me of the disease of sin through the blood of His Son and then sent me into the world to minister unto and heal others.

I have walked with the Lord throughout my life as he has revealed Himself to me through His Word and through His creation. He has written His Word on my heart; penetrated my mind and now exists as a tangible part of my soul. According to his directive I ‘do all things as if I am doing them for the Lord Himself’; all interactions with those I meet are met with the dignity and honor as if I am ministering to the Lord Himself. I pray: “Lord let me see them through your eyes.” Here is where my encouragement and healing journey stems from. It’s a place where I see others maximizing the potential of their own unique design. I know all things and goals are possible. No one can limit you when you do YOUR BEST. Not trying to BE THE BEST; because if you try to be the best then you limit yourself to another’s achievements. When you do your best there will always be infinite potential.

I can clearly see His path for my life as he declared “I know the plans I have for you…” This path is themed with ministering (thus healing) of others. First 2yrs as a Paramedic administering advanced life support; through a 15yr career as a Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster managing the recovery of thousands whose homes were destroyed by natural disasters; and now as a CrossFit Coach where I can heal others into achieving the full potential of the design God ordained for their body; healing them from a lifetime of devastating nutrition choices.

I also serve my God-ordained roles as a wife of 16yrs; mother of two amazing little girls and over a decade in the student ministry where I teach Sunday School to High School Girls. In each of these roles, I minister unto each and serve as a healer, comforter, and friend. Edifying them and shoring them all up in the love and admonition of the Lord.

November of 2018 the Lord brought CrossFit into my life. After arriving at a place of mental and spiritual maturity the Lord revealed that I had been unfaithful to Him as I was not fully honoring him according to his unique design for me.

He taught me that the only way to maximize the potential of my ministry was to maximize the potential of my Joy. My joy was not yet complete because He designed me to be an Elite Athlete and I was existing trying to conform to those around me which prevented me from being fully transformed into the image of God. Because of social & cultural imagery; shams and insecurities resulted in assimilation, as a transplant to SETX it was clearly evident that difference equals judgment. I lost sight of the Elite Athlete that God so intricately and uniquely forged in my DNA. I felt ashamed and ostracized. In Florida there were dozens like me; in Jasper, there’s just me. I covered my muscles and hid who I truly was.

Through CrossFit, my prayers echoed “You formed my inmost parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your workmanship is marvelous; my soul knows it very well.”

CrossFit cemented the truth: He knit me together for His own good pleasure and I honor him by maximizing the potential of His design in my body, mind, and spirit. I honor Him as I obey His Word in doing all things as if I am doing them for the Lord Himself; in doing so I demonstrate the marvelous works of His hand for all to see, that they may glorify Him. I love others and want this for everyone; therefore, I minister to others by coaching.

I love CrossFit because I can do every WOD as if I am doing it for the Lord Himself; so that he is pleased with His design. I can do my best and not have to worry about being the best. I know that in doing my best his craftmanship is being displayed that all can give Him the glory.

I can be exactly who God designed me to be unashamed and unapologetic. Because I do my best, I look the way I do. I may not have chosen this design, but his choice was better. I thank God every day because his choice in my design is extraordinary and I am so thankful that I get to wake up every day in His creation of me. I now love who I am in Him every part of me.

My fitness goals are just to maximize my potential and getting to be excited in the journey of experiencing each new achievement. It’s unbelievable where doing your best will take you.

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