Justin Harley

Owner | CF-L1 | Physical Therapist Assistant

Favorite CrossFit Movement
Snatches, Muscle Ups, and Double Unders
Fitness Goals
Become proficient at ring muscle-ups, Qualify for CrossFit Games as a Masters Athlete.

Get To Know Justin Harley

Even from a young age, fitness has always been a part of my life. This was the reason that I pursued a career in Physical Therapy. In 2018, my wife and I took a leap of faith and opened Adamas CrossFit with a massive goal of reaching every person in Jasper and the surrounding counties in a positive way through health and fitness.

I have lofty goals for myself and believe that if you aren’t chasing after goals for yourself, you’ll settle for mediocrity. I believe you have to push your boundaries and make yourself uncomfortable at times to grow beyond your current limits. I believe each individual is only limited by their mindsets.

Through hard work and determination along with a world-class community, we push forward and succeed as a community…together. I’m better as a husband, father, coach, and athlete because of Adamas CrossFit.

We are super proud of what we offer and 100% believe that our offers are for EVERY individual. Through our professionally-programmed workouts, accessory work, personal training, nutrition coaching, and boot camps, we believe we are set up to make you succeed in every avenue.

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